Telecoms & Internet Services


With the latest assessment tools we identify the customers' needs to scale their networks along with the short and long terms business drivers.

Service Provider Solutions

With expertise on Intranet & Internet Architectures, we revisit the networks of our ISP and SP customers and provide solutions complying with the latest Industry Standards to meet our customer business priorities which includes revenue growth, opex reduction and agility. With the latest skillset in-house our services covers the following IT environments:

  • MPLS Service Provider

  • MPLS VPN Service Provider

  • Internet Service Provider

  • Application Service Provider

  • Wireless Internet Service Provider

Enterprise WAN & LAN

With mobility firmly entrenched as business continuity, managing small to large mobile workforce environments has become increasingly complex. As Enterprise Mobility has become a core enterprise enabler, we offer Wireless Solutions along with Video Security that provide an economical mode of connectivity with very high availability including in the areas where the wired media is not reliable enough to meet the customer requirements.

Who should consider these solutions?

  • Government Departments

  • Educational Institutions

  • Financial Institutions

  • Retail Outlets

  • Small, Medium & Large Corporations

​ISP & WISP Solutions

We help our customers attaining the five 9s network availability by gathering the information regarding the products offered and the business segment of each customer.  Each solution is unique and streamlines with the business objectives of the customer. Our expertise covers the following technologies & Services:

  • SP & Enterprise Networks - IP-based & MPLS-based Architectures

  • Layer 1 Technologies - Dark Fiber, WDM, Leased Line, ..

  • Layer 2 Technologies - MPLS, MPLS L2VPN, SONET/SDH, Frame-Relay, MFR, TDM, Ethernet (HundredGigE, FortyGigE, TenGigE, Gigabit Ethernet, And Fast Ethernet), vPC, FCoE, OTV, RAN, 3G/4G LTE, ..

  • Layer 3 Technologies - IPv4, IPv6, IGP, EGP, Multicast

  • Layer 4-7 Services