Cloud & Cyber Security Services


The process automation and migration to a simpler, standardized, on-demand cloud solution will help businesses to gain more business value through greater cost control, faster procurement processing, and streamlined transaction processes.

Enterprise Solutions

Simplify, unify, virtualize, and analyze.

Data Center innovation and next-generation technologies are required just to keep up with today’s users who are on the move, running an assortment of applications, and demanding better BYOD experiences.

The Nextcomm team of architects and engineers have a breadth and depth of expertise — across industry and in multi-vendor architectures and services.

The combined expertise of our teams lets us create for you the most innovative and imaginative next-generation data center platforms and services.​

  • Unified IT systems, tools and processes across both virtual and physical environments

  • Converged infrastructures, pre-tested, pre-validated and ready for applications on delivery

  • Storage designs focused around unified access, optimal performance and future growth

  • Virtualization solutions based on unique server, application and network requirement.

  • Next generation server deployments in minutes, not hours

  • Hardened infrastructure that minimizes the attack footprint

  • ITaaS for end users and organizations

  • Software-defined networking and data center solutions for scalable, flexible and application-centric infrastructures

  • Cloud solutions that securely and seamlessly interconnect

Cloud Solutions

New cloud services and cloud technologies have the potential to make businesses more mobile and more responsive than ever. They bring promises of innovation and economic advantages through speed, flexibility, agility with up and down scalability, virtualized resources, and instant provisioning that allow businesses to accelerate time-to-market while controlling and securing the infrastructure. Fulfilling that potential and living up to those promises requires careful, purpose-built planning for peak periods and the rest of the year.

Have you already moved all or a portion of your data to a private or public cloud only to find you need a more flexible solution? Our cloud services provide agility, flexibility, and the ability to empower businesses of all sizes across industries.

Cyber Security Services

Act today as if you’ll be attacked tomorrow whether from malicious attack, system failure, or human error, a data breach or loss event impacts a business’ bottom line and damages its reputation and customer loyalty, sometimes beyond the point of recovery. Yet, only 38% of companies have a pervasive security strategy to protect their IT infrastructure and 45% have created ad-hoc mechanisms to defend their information assets from exploitation. Nextcomm helps businesses address persistent threats. We stay on top of the latest security trends and issues and participate in active research in order for you to benefit from our breadth of learned expertise and our depth of applied real-world knowledge.

We help build a defensive posture that hardens your infrastructure and facilities and minimizes the attack footprint. Nextcomm deploys the most innovative and complex security solutions. We leverage industry best practices and methodologies to ensure consistency and quality, and we maintain a flexibility of mindset that allows us to lend a unique approach to each customer and each project.